ACADEMIC SUPPORTS: Students With Schizophrenia will help provide our members with academic supports. We will empower our students by providing an Academic Supports Database. This database will have different suggestions for our students to ask their Office of Disabilities Services at their respective schools for the correct accommodations. This may include extended test time, relaxed due dates, separate testing locations, and even being administered the test or quiz one question or one page at a time with the ability to pause the test and return after a psychotic episode. Different accommodations will then be ranked and commented on by fellow students who have schizophrenia. Students With Schizophrenia will also provide physical academic supports as follows:

  • MP3 Player + iTunes Gift Cards: Music is often used to help students who struggle with auditory hallucinations. Since students cannot have their phones during a test or quiz due to academic integrity policies, the student still needs a source to play their choice of music which may help them better concentrate and drown out audio hallucinations.
  • Echo Pen + Supplies: If a student is struggling with hallucinations, scattered thoughts, racing thoughts, and other schizophrenic symptoms, then the Echo Pen and corresponding notebooks can help record and organize the student’s notes, homework, and other studying materials so that the student does not fall behind in their studies as a result to their symptoms.

SCHOOL RANKINGS: Students With Schizophrenia will also provide a ranking system of schools within the United States and eventually schools globally. This ranking system and map would let students know, especially incoming freshmen and high school seniors, which schools are most accommodating for a student who has schizophrenia. School rankings would be based off resources available from their Office Of Disabilities, mental health resources in the surrounding area, and also on campus support groups such as a Students With Schizophrenia club or Active Minds group.

ACADEMIC ADVISING: Students With Schizophrenia members and their families would converse with trained Academic Services Interns and trained Academic Professionals to help setup the best fit academic plan for the student along with advocacy for the student within their university. We will make sure that the student gets the correct academic supports and a tailored class schedule. A well informed academic advisor might make the difference of the student staying in school or dropping out. It is our mission to make sure that the student is connected with all available resources to help them succeed.