NETWORKING EVENTS: Students With Schizophrenia will provide networking events to help connect students to both internship and employment opportunities. These networking events will share the dual purpose to also highlight our students’ talents and help shatter the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. These events can include but not limited to: art exhibits, hackathons, science fairs, preforming art shows, poetry readings, and other sharing of creative writing. These events can be held at collaborated universities, partnered organizations, and/or at independent events.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Students will also be provided an online mentorship program to help pair a student with a mentor. These mentors can be professionals within the same career field of interest for the student and/or with a fellow person who has schizophrenia who may be in a later stage in their life or treatment and can pass along some helpful words of wisdom to the student.

CAREER COACHING: It is apart of Students With Schizophrenia’s mission to go beyond graduation and to help the student achieve their career goals. With Career Coaching, the student and the student’s family will interact with a trained Career Services Intern and a trained Career Professional. This service will help the student with creating a résumé, writing a cover letter, practice mock interviews, and so much more. Mainly, these career coaches will help give the necessary confidence to the student and help connect them with job opportunities.