SCHOLARSHIPS: Students With Schizophrenia will fund scholarships and also help direct students to the funding resources already out there. Students With Schizophrenia’s scholarship aid will include: Partnered Scholarships, Scholarship Database, and Scholarship Programs. Students With Schizophrenia intends to partner with other scholarship organizations who will sponsor funds to our students; for example, The Quell Foundation awarded $5,500 to Students With Schizophrenia members in Spring 2017. Students With Schizophrenia will create an ever growing scholarship database to help connect need-based and merit-based students with already established financial aid worldwide. For example, annually, the Baer Reintegration Scholarships are gifted for $1,000 apiece to outstanding college students who are currently receiving medical treatment for a documented diagnosis with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder. Students With Schizophrenia will also fund its own scholarship programs including:

  • Scholars Program: Recipients of this scholarship would be based on merit, and recipients will be required to upload a blog post and video once a month documenting their journey as a college student who has schizophrenia throughout the awarded academic year.
  • Returning Students Program: Recipients of this scholarship would be based on both merit and need based and also only for students returning to the university after a verified medical leave.
  • Financial Aid Program: Recipients of this scholarship is purely based on need-based applicants. We want to make sure that we are helping the students who may need us the most.

EMERGENCY FUNDING: Students who have schizophrenia might be dependent on scholarships for their academic stays at universities. Students might lose that funding through missed school attendance or poor academic performance during a schizophrenic break. This crisis fund can only be used if the student cannot wait until the next scholarship application disbursement. Funding can only be used towards student’s medical bills, tuition, on-campus meal plan, on-campus housing, and/or textbook fees.

FINANCIAL ADVISING: Financial advising would be made available online so that the reach can be made global. Students and/or student’s family will be directly talking to a trained Financial Aid Intern and trained Financial Services Professional. The intern will both help students find and apply to scholarships on the Students With Schizophrenia Scholarship Database and also apply for government assistance (example: FAFSA) if available. Advisors will also speak to the student’s school directly to inquire on the student’s behalf for additional funding. Students who have schizophrenia often are also burdened with high expense medical bills which distract students from their studies. Trained interns and professionals will help find need-based students already established funding including pulling from the Students With Schizophrenia Emergency Fund if necessary and explore options such as better insurance and government assistance for medical bills.